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Maintaining a website is a full-time job and this can be a time-consuming and laborious task for business owners who already have a lot of other business responsibilities to take care of.

With technological advancements happening at a rapid rate, websites are constantly needing to be updated, repaired and optimised in order to function in a digital space.

Our team of digital experts are here to help ease the burden by taking on website maintenance responsibilities for you.

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What is Web Maintenance?

Web maintenance involves regularly monitoring your website in order to make sure that it is functioning at maximum efficiency and is kept updated and relevant to users.

Web maintenance also involves fixing issues on the website if anything goes wrong.

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Our Web Maintenance Packages Include

We offer a range of web maintenance services to provide expert web assistance to businesses trying to build an online presence.

Cybersecurity is just as important as keeping a physical office secure. If someone hacks into your website, your business could be in serious trouble.

Thieves can access sensitive information on your website such as customer banking details and it is essential that your website is highly secure to prevent unauthorised access to your website.

We will consistently monitor your website to ensure that it remains secure.

We also offer domain management services. Domain management is an ongoing process of keeping your domain name stable, safe and supportive of related websites.

Your domain name is crucial to your website because it signifies presence in the online world and acts as a portal to your website.

Setting up a domain can be a lengthy process but the work doesn’t end when you secure a domain name as this needs to be constantly monitored in order to maintain the accessibility of your website.

We take over the responsibility of managing your domain and will keep it updated and functioning efficiently.

A website backup will retain a copy of the data stored on your website. Your website should always be regularly backed up.

This is particularly important if your site is running on a content management system such as WordPress; where you need to have access to your website content, media and files in order to set it back up to run.

Website backups should be completed regularly – ideally on a weekly or even daily basis.

Failure to backup your website can result in losing all of your hard work, business revenue and time if you have to rebuild it.

The longer the site is offline, the greater the losses.

We understand that trying to manage everything as a business owner is impossible. This is why we provide regular website backups to take away the stress of anything going wrong and you being left to deal with the consequences.

In order to set up a website, you will require a web host that can keep your website content stored on a secure server.

A website cannot be visible to users without a web host to give it server space. When you choose a web host manager to use their space for your website, you are responsible for the website should there be any issues.

You are also responsible for managing the relationship with that web host.

We offer a service that takes this burden out of your hands.

We can take over managing the relationship with the web host provider and take on the responsibility of website management; allowing you to focus on other areas of the business.

Content management systems such as WordPress are constantly being updated and this means that your website needs to be updated too.

Failing to keep your website updated can mean that it becomes vulnerable to cyber-attacks and if your website gets hacked, Google can remove your site from the search results and this will negatively affect brand reputation.

Keeping your website updated also provides a better user experience and the better the user experience, the more conversions for your business.

As part of our web maintenance service, we will regularly monitor and update your website to keep it secure, bug-free and high-performing in the rankings.

We always strive to bring results and this is why we devote an extensive amount of time to researching the industries of our clients and promoting their services.

As we take over the maintenance of the site, we will constantly add new features and promotions tailored to your products and services.

If you have recently launched a new product or service, we will implement design features that optimise conversions and highlight your business successes.

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