Case study

Harris & Partners

The stats


Who is the client:

Harris & Partners

Client’s industry:

Licensed Insolvency Trustee

What did the client want:

To boost their online visibility for localised searches, see more visitors land on the site and increase conversions.

What was the clients goal:

Built a new website and an ongoing SEO strategy to see them reach the top position on Google.

Harris & Partners wanted to boost their ranking in localised searches and have a brand new user-friendly website that best captured their brand identity, showcasing their expertise and increasing conversions.

The team at Own Your Space provided a full website redevelopment, branding and SEO offering that included the following:

  • A WordPress website rebuild.
  • Technical SEO.
  • Keyword research.
  • Organic and authoritative outreach.
  • International SEO – targeting the Canadian legal sector.
  • Extensive specialised topic research.

In order to boost their position in Google’s rankings and compete amongst other Licensed Insolvency Trustees across Canada, Own Your Space wanted to set up a longer-term working relationship with Harris & Partners to evaluate results over time. This would allow an opportunity to maximise success and truly boost their online presence.

Harris & Partners

The Obstacles

When Own Your Space first began working on Harris & Partner’s website, they wanted to address any outstanding technical issues on the website as the site was quite dated, lacking in outreach strategy and did not provide the ultimate user experience with slow loading times. The large images were a big factor in hindering page speed and so we fully optimised the images and adjusted the file size to fix this.

There was also an issue with internal pages timing out and so we made sure to do a thorough review of all the URLs that were creating the error.

Additionally, we fixed any broken pages and redirects that were not working properly and bit by bit, we managed to improve the overall health of the site. 

We knew that our primary goal to help Harris & Partners was to target the Canadian legal sector and so we incorporated international SEO strategies to achieve this.

The Results

Since we began working on the site, Harris & Partners has seen a huge rise in the number of online visitors – with over 3000 landing on the site every month, an increase of up to 50%. They have also claimed the top positions in the SERPS for specific keywords relating to the key target areas of their business, as well as for regions across Canada.

We continue to work with Harris & Partners to make sure that they see the ongoing results they desire.