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What is On-Page SEO?

The practice of on-page SEO is concerned with optimising a website’s individual web pages to boost its online visibility in the search results and is a crucial part of any strong SEO strategy.

‘On-page SEO’ refers to the elements that we can control ourselves on the website such as content, site structure and internal linking; rather than the actions we take outside of the website to impact the search rankings.

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Our On-Page SEO Services

We offer a range of on-page SEO services to optimise your website and boost its performance in the search results

On-Page Audits

We will conduct an extensive on-page audit to evaluate all on-page SEO components including the content and content structure; title tags and meta descriptions; keyword research; and internal links.

Meta & Schema Optimisation

We use a form of microdata known as Schema Markup in order to assist the search engines with highlighting the most useful and relevant information to users.

We also optimise the website’s meta tags. A meta tag provides information to search engines and users about a webpage and optimising them will make the core of your website content stand out, improve click-through rate from search results and boost online visibility.

Providing a good user experience on your website is essential for building a following and appeasing the search engines.

Part of a good user experience is making sure that your site addresses a user’s concern, query or problem.

Having a concise meta tag that clearly states what your business is about will allow the user to find the specific answer they’re looking for.

It will also make it easier for search engines to translate your site and thus boost your visibility when related searches are performed.

Content Optimisation

As we have stressed, great content is utterly wasted if it isn’t visible to users; hence why our team specialise in crafting compelling and SEO optimised content that will reach a large audience.

Our SEO content team will oversee the entire content creation process and content will be written to the highest level of optimisation whilst retaining its flair and naturalism.

We will not only write good quality, informative content that makes users want to engage with the website but we also target a number of key areas to maximise SEO content potential:

Title Tags

We incorporate title tags to tell the audience and search engines exactly what each page is about with only a few precise words.

Alt Tags

Content is not only made up of the written word and we make sure that any forms of multimedia content that we include have also been optimised.

As customers very often search for images, optimising visual content is extremely important for attracting traffic.

If the search engine decides that an image on your page is relevant enough to be displayed when a particular search term or phrase is performed, then images from your site can appear in the SERPS.

To optimise visual content, we use alt tags.

Alt tags are beneficial for a number of reasons. For users with visual impairments, a special software can read the alt tag to describe the image(s) that appear on a website.

Any form of metadata we use on visual content will contain relevant keywords and accurately convey what the content is about.


All content we write for websites will be keyword-optimised and text will be enriched with a host of associated keywords.

However, we will never conduct bad SEO practice and overload or over-optimize a page.

Our priority is to provide a positive user experience whilst also making navigation to your website easy for users and search engines.

Content Structure

Content can drive up to the top of the rankings if executed and optimised perfectly and this is why having a solid content structure on your website is crucial to SEO performance.

If the content structure is below par then this can affect the site’s online visibility.

We offer services in structuring your content as we know exactly how to organise the webpage in the most effective way to achieve your long term goals.

See below for the effective methods we take to structure perfect on-page SEO and eCommerce SEO.

Search analysis

Good content answers the questions that users are asking. Therefore, we take a search analysis approach to content structure in order to determine what audiences want to know in relation to your industry and/or services.

Our keyword research largely informs content structure as this tells us what related topics users are actively searching for in relation to our focus keywords.

The more we target the user’s queries and related topics, the more visible we become in the search results.

Content hierarchy

When we have a basic outline of our content structure as informed by our keyword research, we will break down content into topics, subtopics and subtopic topics to build a content hierarchy.

Our subheadings will be descriptive, engaging and clear about what information we are giving to users.

We will also incorporate common search queries as interrogatives and the main focus keyword to direct the user’s attention in a way that best optimises content in the search results.

User Intent

From our keyword and search-driven analysis, we can determine user intent. Understanding the mind of a user is a crucial factor in deciding upon content structure.

From analysing search queries, we can decide on the best angle to go about answering them in the most effective, precise manner.

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