Why Do I Need an eCommerce SEO Agency?

SEO is essential for e-commerce.

Your business revenue depends upon attracting traffic to your website and this is why e-commerce optimisation is so important as this can provide a constant stream of traffic to your site and enable your services to rank higher than that of your competitors.

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Why Do I Need an eCommerce SEO Agency?

E-commerce SEO is a process of boosting the visibility of your online store so that your services will show up to users on Google every time a related search is performed.

As we are a eCommerce SEO agency, we aim to improve your businesses’ brand awareness and target more potential customers to your website.

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Our E-Commerce SEO Services

To help you boost your online presence, we offer a range of E-commerce SEO services designed to drive in traffic to your website.

E-Commerce SEO Audit

We will conduct a thorough audit of your website in order to spot SEO opportunities & provide you with our range of eCommerce SEO services.

Competitor Analysis

In order to develop the best SEO strategy for your business, we will conduct competitor analysis to gain a better understanding of the industry and the strategies that your competitors have implemented and how we can do better.

Keyword Research

We will conduct thorough keyword research to discover what users are primarily searching for in relation to your services.

We aim to find the best low-competition keywords that will be the most effective for boosting your visibility to users and Google search engines. This will also inform our content writing service.

E-Commerce SEO Strategy

After a consultation with you, we can better understand the needs of your business and your overall business goals.

We can align these goals with our own SEO goals and expertise in order to create the most effective bespoke e-commerce SEO strategy for your website.

Page Optimisation

Providing the best user experience is key to converting site hoppers into customers. This is why we strive to design a website that provides the best user experience for your audience.

For instance, to improve on-page optimisation, we may implement or amend site headings and content in order to optimise the website and make it easier for a user and a search engine to navigate and understand.

Content Production

Our content team specialise in crafting high-quality, optimised content to fill your website that will engage with users.

After extensive research on user intent, we design content that will target your key audience.

We create different types of copy that will boost your position in the rankings and bring in sales.

Link Building

We analyse your link profile extensively and will refer to this as we conduct competitor analysis.

Our specialist SEO team will strive to build your site authority and implement a link building service with the aim of maximising brand awareness within your industry.


We will constantly be reviewing and amending our e-commerce SEO strategy in alignment with results and your business goals.

As this process is ongoing, we will keep regular reports with updates on our effective campaigns.

We will always keep our strategy flexible with the goal of maximising success & that is why we are the leading eCommerce SEO company.

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