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What Is Technical SEO?

There are many tools we can use to optimise a website in order to boost its search engine ranking, and technical SEO is an aspect of SEO that focuses on optimising the technical elements of a website.

Technical elements of a website include how fast it runs and how easy it is to be translated by search engines. Technical SEO forms part of the process of on-page SEO and how we can improve aspects on the website in order to boost its visibility in the search results.

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Our Technical SEO Services

If the technical aspects of a website is poor, the SEO performance will plummet. Fortunately, we specialise in a range of technical SEO services to ensure that this doesn’t happen to your website.

Rebuilding or re-designing can have severe consequences for SEO regarding the website’s performance.

When you have established a website with a surge of traffic coming in daily, launching a brand-new site can jeopardize the company’s visibility.

This is why we offer our services to organisations wanting to build a new website in order to retain their success and ensure that their traffic accompanies them in the migration process.

For more information about our website migration service, please contact us.

Part of building a good website means having a solid website structure and providing the most optimal user experience for visitors.

Not only does having a great structure create a lasting impression in the mind of a user, but it also affects how search engines translate your site content.

Good content, if not visible, will be wasted.

Our technical SEO experts can ensure that good quality content that you have invested time and energy into will bring successful results for your business.

We will structure your website, incorporate internal links and design effective navigation tools with the aim of securing a vast following.

In the digital age we live in, ensuring that our content and services can be effectively consumed on devices is crucial.

For B2C companies, a ‘mobile-first’ strategy is vital for connecting with customers.

Google recognises the value of mobile compatibility and will not reward sites that do not take this approach.

Our specialist website designers will ensure that your website is supportive of mobile SEO.

As part of our technical SEO services, we undertake audits to identify specific weak areas and problematic concerns a website might have that would impact on its organic search success.

Conducting a technical SEO audit will assess the health of the website and inform what we can do to improve its performance.

Our audits identify critical website fixes, such as internal redirects and 404s which can waste crawling budget, isolating security weaknesses and monitoring page speed and page performance.

One method we take in order to improve search engine potential is to use a form of microdata known as a schema markup.

Schema markup will construct a rich snippet (an enhanced description) of your website that will be visible in the search results.

Schema markup is extremely useful as it can provide clarity to what a website is all about, making it far easier to be translated by the search engine bots and thus improving its visibility in the SERPS (search engine results page).

Having the right HTML tags will inform the browser on how to render information and rich snippets have been known to improve online visibility and as a result, boost website click-through rates.

In a highly saturated content space, our specialism in SEO schema markup can set your business apart from the rest.

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