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The approach to web design should be one that prioritises the needs of a user.

A good website should be responsive to a user’s behaviour and be able to adapt to their circumstances and the device they are using to view your website.

Our web developers will design a website that will function effectively according to each specific user’s requirements and platform.

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What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design consists of using advanced technology and skill to build a website that responds effectively and, most importantly, speedily to a user’s request.

Our Responsive Web Design Services

To build the most responsive website possible that will rank well in the search results, our design team utilise the latest coding technology and design expertise.

Building effective navigation features for your website will provide a higher quality user experience and enable search engines to translate your website more easily.

Navigation affects how much traffic will drive to your website from searches and the easier and more efficient your website is to use, the greater the number of conversions and the more business for you.

Our web developers will design user-friendly navigation features to clearly implement well-structured important signposts, homepage menus and category pages to organise content on your website.

We implement a navigation system that is of the highest standard to assist search engines and users on their visit to your site.

Arguably the most important feature of responsive web design is its mobile compatibility. Every website should operate with a ‘mobile-first’ policy as users are increasingly browsing the internet via mobile platforms and Google has recognised this.

Using specialist code, we design a website that automatically identifies the device the viewer is using and will modify itself accordingly; whether that be to shrink down to size or by enlarging the site pages.

Your website should be optimised for desktop and mobile viewing and our web design services will always adapt to a fast-changing digital environment.

Google has certain criteria for ranking websites and page speed is a big one on the list. If your page speed is too slow, this can severely impact your site’s SEO performance.

Our developers will make sure that your website runs efficiently and speedily to prevent users from waiting too long for your site to load and dropping off as a result.

One important factor in reducing page loading time is image optimisation. Image optimisation is a process of reducing image size via compression.

As images take up an average of 21% of a webpage, optimising them can lead to a better performing website.

The benefits of image optimisation are:

  • It improves SEO performance
  • Smaller image files use less bandwidth; putting less stress on networks.
  • It reduces the amount of storage space being taken up on the server.

In order to reduce page speed, we use compression techniques, optimised web code and more to ensure that your website runs smoothly, whilst providing the best experience for the user.

Our designers will craft your website to look sleek and professional; incorporating impressive visual graphics, smart layout and attention to detail.

Your website will not only be responsive with an effective content structure, but will also be visually appealing and encourage users to become repeat visitors.

Our developers use the latest, advanced coding technology such as JavaScript, HTML 5 and CSS3 to develop the most responsive, dynamic site that will provide an optimal user experience.

We also incorporate semantic HTML that is concise and can be translated easily by search engines, boosting your website’s ability to rank on Google.

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